Whiskey (Brewed, #2)

Whiskey (Brewed, #2)


ebook, Pages: 459

Genres: Romance, Contemporary Romance

Language: English

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Book Summary

I’m the Dixon who left.
Through the good, bad, and worst imaginable, I stayed gone.
When I return home after a decade, I’m not surprised by the cold reception from my family... or my brother’s best friend.

Emberly Olsen.

I spent my childhood tormenting her.
Now these days with her feel like the cruelest sort of unintended revenge.
We’ve changed.
She’s changed.
Pure confidence and sensuality, but her pouty lips and heavy-lidded eyes scream contempt. And word around town? She’s untouchable.

But after sharing a few drinks, her snide comments turn teasing.
Sneers become smiles.
Huffs change to laughs.
Laughs to moans, sweeter than any sound.
Years of animosity ignite into carnal need and passion.

We can blame it on the whiskey.
I have a feeling we’ll try.
But we aren’t that drunk.

Reader Reviews
  •    Narg Niechlenski
    Breathtakingly stunning! This book broke me down in the best way. When I read the last page I just sat here in silence trying not to cry. It wasn't going to be a sad ugly cry, but a happy cry because the book was so exceptional and so touching. I just didn't know what to do with myself.

    Cayson Dixon left home almost a decade ago. No one has even bothered to ask him why. He's the only one that knows the deep dark secret he's been carrying around. If only someone, anyone would ask him the one question he so badly wants to answer..... what made him run? In running from his hometown he left behind a piece of his heart as well. A piece he never expects to get back or mend, but then he goes home.

    Emberly was devastated beyond belief when Cayson left town. She keeps this to herself and puts on a brave show for nearly 10 years. Then one day Cayson walks into her coffee shop and she just can't fathom opening herself up to him or the past. Can she and Cayson find their way to each other? Will the real reason he left bring them together or farther apart? What exactly will his family say when he reveals his truth.

    This book took my heart and wrapped it in a hug. I'm pretty sure Cayson just tied Knox Alexander (To The Stars also by Molly McAdams) for my favorite character of hers. He is so swoon worthy it's off the charts. I love this series and I want to devour them all as soon as Molly writes them.
  •    Mazushicage Jeandebeur
    Well... I'm going to start off saying, like always.
    Molly McAdams has done it again!!!

    This is the second book in the Brewed Series and The Dixon Brothers are just as addictive in this one than the first.
    Who doesn't love a good ol' Texas Roughneck?? Because I definitely do!
    Well. Let me tell you Cayson Dixon, is as close to perfection as they come. He's everything you would want plus more. This book had me hooked from the very first page and I couldn't put it down until I finished it. It has secrets, lies, love, hate, passion & drama. You will fall in love from the beginning!!

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